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About us

FlexIT is a young company created by developers, which have good experience in mobile application development and marketing. At the moment, we are actively working in the direction of development and promotion of our own mobile applications.

Our services

We get involved with you from the app development stage in order to implement customisation features that would resonate and engage with your customer from the start.

App designing
& development

Our developers will handle every aspect of design for your custom application with precision and expertise. you’ll be able to contribute ideas and criticisms during the entire process and know your ios developers are taking care of you.

& maintenance

We are available round the clock

The flexit team is available any time of day. our days are dedicated to the idea that we are all part of the team and we won’t leave you hanging.


We put on our consultant hats to help you fortify your app and business plans. we’ll conduct a thorough analysis to ensure the strongest strategy before kicking off development.

App porting

We’ll transfer your partially, or fully, completed app from the platform it was created on the best platform for your business. we have experience taking over projects midstream. let’s face it, not all developers are created equal.


Our work isn’t done with the launch of your app. our marketing team is here to help you build awareness so potential customers, clients and users can find and know about your app.

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Flexit integrates and develops strategies in the context of the multicultural market and localisation aspect:

Develop multi-level marketing plan to optimise investments on high level and sharpen precision on ground level.

Define Customer base subject to ethnic composition of target market.

Customise your marketing strategy based on regions to be covered.


Localisation approach

We create strategies for global applications with a focus on localized marketing processes. We recognise that apps with a global reach have certain commonalities, yet different markets demand certain localised marketing strategies. We embrace this belief in our process of reaching end-users across the world.

Management team






Project Manager


Traffic Manager

We make things happen.

Get your Application to end-users across the world